Dark Entries - Belgique (Mars 2019)

{fonetic} is promoted as a trip-hop album and we understand that. The percussion sounds, rhythms and basses come from the same stable and we also hear influences from dub, jazz noir and hip hop. Massive Attack - once inspired by Bauhaus - never seem far away. However, the voice is typically ethereal and the delicious echo guitar sometimes seems played by Viny Reilly (The Durutti Column). As a result, this record suddenly fits very well with our readership.

 [...] Maÿwen and Kapiand understand the content of control and intimacy very well. No destructive basses, no sounds that pierce your head, but a warm melancholic feeling. This music sounds pure and real.

Betreutes Proggen - Allemagne (Janvier 2019)

"Everything is so nice here. So warm, colorful and sunny. Sliding Words create sounds full of pastel and rainbow-colored characteristics, moving gracefully and elfinly in the area of ​​tension between pop, trip hop and world music. Here a sound that only seems to be scurrying, there a gentle whispering - the duo from the French Lyon create fantasy worlds that have nothing in common with the engine noise of reality.


The refuge of ​​the Maÿwen and Kapiand duo is manifesting on "{fonetic}" in the form of nine (or eight and a half) songs, each of which, by nuanced differences, sells the broad sound-technical and musical spectrum of Sliding Words. A 'Cold Hand' presents itself as an Enigmatic Sphere Pop, while 'We Are Not So Different (After All)' flirts with the Trip Hop of Bristol. The rippling 'Time Is Never Here' seems so important that it is represented as 'Radio Edit' and the 'Extended Version' pimped on for nine minutes, while the fragile 'Bukowski Crash Test' feels like a sweet tension..."

Artnoir - Suisse (Décembre 2018)

" The relaxed lifestyle and the emotional enjoyment, in France you always knew how to make the days sensual. Also, Sliding Words, a duo from Lyon, proves this in his music with leisurely pace, meditative sounds and a warm atmosphere. {fonetic}" is clearly a kid of the trip-hop, with all its features and strengths in the job interview. Effects change the tones, synthesizers and beats are modulated, the vocals are gentle and almost lascivious.

With "The Teaser", Maÿwen and Kapiand, who started their cooperation in 2012, entice us with voluminous sounds and a protective environment. The album by Sliding Words is immediately a refuge, but continues to experiment. Already with "Cold Hand" the singing becomes higher, the rhythm is complemented by human sounds and the typical spectrum is blown up. fonetic)" always reminds of the mentors Massive Attack or Portishead, but it also goes its own way.


Generally speaking, Sliding Words crosses boundaries between genders and enjoy the freedoms that Downtempo and Electronica offers. It's not surprising that certain passages are slightly out of step and oblique, and one may do that too. Unfortunatly "(fonetic)" is one step behind his potential : a little bit of higher tension, a little more size and ego and it would have reached the pinnacle of the genre. For a dreamy afternoon on the sofa, the work is at any time."

Interview pour "L'Officieux" - Février 2015

Sliding Words - {fonetic}

"Le résultat est impressionnant, l'achimie dégagée par le duo offre un voyage sur un flot de sons samplés par Kapiand, accompagnés par la superbe voix de Maÿwen. On y retrouve quelques influences comme Portishead, Björk, PJ Harvey, ou encore Pink Floyd."