songwriter performer, sound technician, guitarist.
mixer, sampling artist, sound samples hunter, to find rare musical extracts that can be reused and transformed.


Predilection :

Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Rock, Blues, World Music, Chanson, Electro…


Influences :

Coco-Rosie, Portishead, Cat Power, KanKick, DJ Krush,  Dr Dre, Pink Floyd



Sampler, Laptop, Guitar, Ukulele, Voici, Slam...

Artistic Collaborations

Sliding Words collaborates with 


Nicolas Garnier : Graphiste - Vidéo


Nicolas s'inspire de certains morceaux pour créer des univers visuels racés et oniriques, diffusés et travaillés en direct.


Lionel Stocard : Plasticien - Musicien


Lionel Stocard, invited to play with Sliding Words for the "La Menuiserie" and "La Villa Gillet" gigs, has created an electroacoustic instrument especially, named the "Harpony". Its shape looks like an harp, and has some nylon chords, but also bass chords, some hacksaw blades,  magnetic motor chord, and filtered microphone. This instrument fits Cet instrument s'inscrit majestically in the delicate and precise headphone's diffusion.


Multi-instrumentrist, and songwriter performer, creating sound matters in live, focusing improvisation by inspiring herself with sonorities, sound colors and their harmonic blend. Using acoustic, and some ounce of  synthetic for modeling her soundscapes.



Predilection :

Trip-hop, pop/rock indépendante, électro-jazz, ...


Influences :

Radiohead, Björk, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Pixies, Ez3kiel, Why?, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Oi Va Voi, Apparat, 

Broadcast, Skalpel, Thee More Shallows, Jomi Massage, JMPZ, Linoleum, Zero Absolu.


Instruments :

Voice, Piano, Guitar, Clarinett, Sansula, Harp, Carillon, iPad, Bowl and other sounds objects


Headphones Concert

By working their music set from acoustic and electronic sounds, combined with nonchalant dreamy voices, the duo developed step by step their headphones concert, enriching their show of a high stereophonic and 3D sound (Binaural) quality, and making their compositions  sincerely deep  and delicate.


Bringing carpet and cushions to fashion the place in a reel nest, Sliding Words proposes to his audience, an intimate and meditative musical moment, listening the moving sounds from headphones plugged on old 20' to 60' telephones, arranged  all around the place.

This original installation permit them to create a very personal relationship with their audience, th music taking a bigger intensity in each ear, and offering the possibility to the artists to play in more more atypic venues.